I’m back! 

Soooo…..it’s been almost a year since I posted anything, but this blog has been on my mind often. Since my last post we had bats in our house, got rabies shots, got a great new job in an old city, moved, started new job and moved my son to a new school, witnessed my brother be the bravest person I’ve known to date, and am starting to reconnect to my 11 year old self so she can tell me what it is I want out of life. Whew!! And those are just the highlights…
Of course, I am still trying to create as much as possible. There’s so many new things I’m exploring so I’ll take them one at a time…

Today I’d like to share my very first copic coloring and shading samples. Nothing too spectacular but I’m having so much fun learning. My mom bought a  Copic coloring guide Level: 3, People. It gives you tips on shading skin, hair, and clothing. So far it’s been pretty helpful. It comes with a CD of samples you can print and practice coloring. I will share those when I have them done. I will give a full review after I finish reading it. 

That’s all for today… It feels good to be back. I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on.  

Happy crafting! 


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