The Moth Queen

I am so in love with this project!  I have been wanting to use a couple of stamp sets for a while and I had some ideas floating around in my head.  When I got this heart out and started playing with different layouts, I knew this was the moment.


The first stamp set is a wonderful set by Catherine Moore from Character Constructions. She is my queen.  All of the sets she sells are so creative and exciting.  I can’t wait to use more.  The other stamp set I couldn’t wait to use is from Visible Images. The stamp set I used was Glimmer of Light. I used the large moth for the queen’s wings and the smaller moth stamped several times and layered on the heart.


Of course, I used the gorgeous Fireworks Shimmer Spray by Imagine to add pops of color.  It shines on almost every surface I have tried and never lets me down.  I’m in love…


I can’t have a project without some texture.  I’ve used the Prima Finnabair art stones in different sizes here.


If you would like to see how I made this mixed media queen, please check out my video on the Imagine YouTube channel.  Don’t forget to leave feedback and give me a thumbs up if you enjoy it!

Happy Crafting!

Peace and light.

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