Gessoes, Gels, and Pastes…oh my!

Tonight in my Product Showcase I talk all about different color gessoes and texture mediums! I started with white and black gessoed tags and added light molding paste and super heavy gloss gel. I also used the texture pastes on a non-gessoed tag to show the difference gesso makes on a project.

After they were dry, I applied Dylusion shimmer spray to them and compared the results.

First up are the white gesso tags.

You can see where I put the gel on the hexagons, I was able to wipe away the pigment and reveal the white tag underneath. I was not able to do that on the flowers on top because they were made with the paste.

You can see this in more detail on the video.

Next up are the black gesso tags.

I love how the shimmer settles on the black background. Yummy!

Then I made a tag with no gesso to show how the pigment behaves differently on direct paper.

These next images show what happened to those hexagons. The first image has white gesso. The second image has no gesso.

Finally, I used matte medium to adhere the paper and tissue to the tag and covered it all with clear gesso before applying my pigment.

It’s always great fun to play with supplies and see what they can do! I hope you enjoyed this and maybe learned a little something.

Happy crafting!


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